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Release of Policy 2510 for Public Comment

Release of Policy 2510 for Public Comment

With the release of Policy 2510 for public comment, I want to clarify some questions people may have:

The Pleasants County Board of Education requires 24 credits.  As a county staff, we appreciate this level of flexibility for many reasons.

o   Reason 1: Since West Virginia’s College Going Rate for 2017-18 school year was 52.6%, which leaves 47.4 % of students who are not going to college, we believe the local school districts need the flexibility to address the post-secondary plans of all students, not just college going students.  

o   The newly created Flex Credit will help our county accommodate the educational needs of all of our students.

o   The transition of one social studies credit to the required flex credit course option allows flexibility to all students based on their interests and postsecondary plans, while still keeping the state minimum graduation requirements at 22 credits and Pleasants County’s minimum graduation requirement of 24 credits.

 In our county, the FLEX Credit will provide a student with the following choices: 

o    1) a 4th social studies credit if their postsecondary plans include a social studies concentration, or

o    2) a 4th science credit if you are STEM minded, or

o    3) a computer science course if you are interested in a computer science career, or

o    4) a CTE foundational course based on a student’s future plans.   

The Flex Credit options both strengthens and personalizes the graduation requirements for each individual student. 

 The one size fits all approach to learning and coursework no longer meets the needs of our digital and technologically oriented students and classrooms, as county educational leaders, we need to support these efforts to individualize coursework to students interest, aptitude and postsecondary plans.  

Michael Wells

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